Due to her curiosity and openness, her projects and activities are very diverse.
Her approach to projects is often a total of content, context and form. Franke is mainly focused on human customization and is involved in many social, cultural or community projects.

Since 2012, she has been teaching art students and is regularly hired by schools, (social/cultural) institutions and companies to give lectures, workshops and input. In 2019 she graduated from ArtEZ as a master in art and education with a spatial thesis on ownership in education and society.

In 2009 she graduated from the AKI in Enschede as a bachelor of design with a spatial drawing and interactive installation about dwelling. She then studied illustration for another year and won the ‘Fiep Westendorp stimuleringsprijs’ in 2011 with a series of etchings and other work.

But above all, she enjoys existence and creating for the sake of making.
Johanna Boterkuipje

At the moment I live and work in the east of the Netherlands, near Germany where I was born. I am lucky that I can currently live and work in an old forester’s house and that I have a spacious studio in a large industrial hall with great people. Not far from my home is a vegetable garden with a modest hut, ‘nature’ toilet, rainwater and poor internet connection. I think that’s actually where I prefer to be. At least half of the month. In the other half I like to throw myself into the bustling life.